Visit or Transfer to Hellenic vACC

Visiting Controllers

The following apply for those who wish to become visiting controllers in the HvACC. Τhe applicant must:

  • Hold at least C1 rating
  • Have more than 100 hours at the facility requested a validation
  • Have their competency evaluated in an Over-The-Shoulder check
  • Comply with the local ATC SOPs and LoAs
  • Log a minimum of 10 hours within 6 months (exceptions can be requested in advance)

Visiting Positions/Airports LGMD, LGTS, LGSK, LGMT, LCCC, LCLK, LCPH

Learning Path:

  • (APP) Applicants requesting validation as an approach controller will have their training at the requested airport.
  • (CTR) Applicants requesting validation as an enroute controller in :
    1. Hellenic FIR will have their training in Makedonia ACC (LGMD_CTR).
    2. Nicosia FIR will have their training in Nicosia ACC (LCCC_CTR).

Transferring Controllers

If the applicant belongs to another Division/Region then additionally the “Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy” requirements, as well as the VATEUR policy for “ATC privileges of resident, transferring and visiting Europe Region members” must be followed.


1. For Observer/Pilot (OBS) Rating

  • The transfer is initiated immediately, and the member has the same rights and privileges as the local members of the same rating.

2. For Rating Student 1 (S1) and above

  • The Transferring Controller will automatically be subject to any local rules, but will retain his or her current rating, whilst learning the new ATC environment. The Transfer Controller will be fast-tracked through any local assessment or endorsement, in order to become fully operational as quickly as possible.
  • The Transferring Controller may get a validation to assist his training, with the approval of the ATC Training Director (ACCGR2).
  • The Transferring Controller must demonstrate a standard equal to the local requirements for their current ATC rating, thus they will undergo a Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) competency check by a local examiner.
  • The Transferring Controller having satisfactorily passed a local competency check, shall thereafter have the same rights and privileges as local members of the same rating